Birds have long been a source of mystery and awe. My growing desire to meaningfully connect with the natural world through admiring the majestic beauty of these winged creatures surrounding us daily. Since much my spare time was spent hiking and cycling outdoors, the presence and sudden appearance of the white egret for me as their flight was graceful and buoyant. Great Egrets form monogamous pairs, inspiring me to create a series of egret pair images dedicated to my parents, who passed within a very short time of each other. Trough love and observation, the special spiritual symbolism of birds and the reality of their physical beauty and flight has stayed with me to this day.


My connection to the equine world has its own special tale. Years ago, during my long commutes in South Jersey, I marveled at the early morning and late afternoon light as it reflected on vast farmlands and carefree grazing horses. Often stopping on the side of the road to photograph them, I quickly realized that I needed to experience a closer relationship with them. The only way to achieve this was to take riding lessons, thus beginning my entry into the equine world. Today I ride a beautiful mare who is now 28 years young. We have a very special connection and enjoy many rides together with sightings of bald eagles and migrating snow geese.

Rissa Berlin. Mixed Media & Collage